Trick and  Twirl  Virtual Contest - October 10th 

Check out the Contest Schedule page for the upcoming December Virtual Contest - Mistletoe Mania. 

Information for the day of the contest:

  • Once the schedule for the contest is posted below - print or make note of all your times and which judge you will be twirling for. 

  • In the schedule under the judge's name will be their Zoom Meeting ID.  When connecting with the judge for your time type in their ID number and the passcode.

  • Please have a good internet connection and a steady video for your time.  

  • When joining Zoom make sure you are on time allowing time to connect and be admitted to the meeting by your judge. You will be placed in a waiting room until you are admitted. 

    • There is a time allotted for each event - for example, your solo is at 9:30 AM - there is a contestant before you at 9:25 AM. There are 5 minutes allowed for the contestant to twirl and the judge to do their scoresheet before admitting you to the meeting and you sharing your name (visible sign with your name and event) and begging with your salute. You could join the meeting to make sure you are connecting and in the waiting room a couple of minutes before your scheduled time. 

    • In the schedule you will see the allotted times for the event - some are more than others. 

  • Once you are finished with your routine and with your judge leave the meeting allowing the next person to be admitted. 

  • Please review the video above on Zoom Instructions for the event. 

  • For music, see the section under schedule.

The schedule of events and ZOOM times will be posted on October 3rd. 

Updated 10.6.2020


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