Beverly Stansbury
2021 Faber Cup Recipient


Instituted in 1992 by long time supporters Billy and Phyllis Gibson, The Faber Cup is an award that recognizes outstanding individuals or groups, including twirlers, teachers, judges, organizations, families, supporters, and volunteers who have made a significant and lasting contribution to the enhancement and growth of D.M.A. and to the art of baton twirling. Members of D.M.A. submit nominations for consideration, and a recipient is selected by The Faber Cup Board of Directors each year prior to D.M.A. Nationals.

The Faber Cup was presented during the 2021 Opening Ceremonies to Beverly Stansbury from Ohio. The Faber Cup Board of Directors is honored to award The Faber Cup to Beverly for all that she does and is willing to do for DMA and baton twirling.

If you are a current member of D.M.A. and would like to nominate someone for The Faber Cup, please complete the nomination form and mail it by June 31st to:

Kisha Sipe
249 Burton Street
Mount Airy, NC 27030

You can also email your nomination to
- will also accept a private message on Facebook Messenger 

(DMA Facebook Page or my personal page)


Drum Majorettes of America

C/O Diane Sorvillo
PO Box 549

Odessa, Fl 33556

2019-2020 Faber Cup Board of Directors

Kamryn Reynolds, Florida

Former Majorette Queen of America

Cierra Brown, Pennsylvania (22)

Active D.M.A. Teacher

Renee Marshall, North Carolina (22)
Active D.M.A. Judge

Bonnie Kupp, Pennsylvania (21)
Active D.M.A. Contest Director


(*NEW) Judy Sipe, North Carolina (21)

Active Former Faber Cup Recipient 

Joe Baucom, North Carolina (-)
D.M.A. Representative

Non-Voting Representative:
Kisha Sipe, North Carolina

2021 - Beverly Stansbury - Ohio
2019/ 20 Linda Guyette - Florida

2018 Tammy Walmer - Pennsylvania
2017 Mary May - Florida
2016 Terri Hartmann - Florida
2015 John and Debbie Nobles - Florida
2014 Missy  Fraine- Florida
2013 Becky Brinson - North Carolina
2012  Kisha Sipe - North Carolina
2011  Cindy Gingrich - Pennsylvania
2010   Wanda Salisbury and Melissa Tucker
- Pennsylvania
2009  Joe and Doris Baucom -- North Carolina
2008   Karen D. Wolfe - Florida
2007   Paula McAdoo - Pennsylvania
2006   Audrey Moore -- Ohio
2005   Larry and Chris Peterson -- Florida
2004   Linda Champion -- North Carolina
2003   Raley and Sandra Gillian -- Georgia
2002   Judy Sipe -- North Carolina
2001   Dean and Betsy Earl -- Ohio
2000   Diane M. Sorvillo -- Florida
1999   Gail Bordner -- North Carolina
1998   Camilla G. Pitman -- South Carolina
1997   Bonnie Kupp -- Pennsylvania
1996   Jan Dorr -- California
1995   Albert Olhava -- Ohio
1994   Jeanne Hodges -- North Carolina
1993   Jerry & Betty Metz -- Florida
1992   David and Doris Faber -- North Carolina

*A person or group can only receive award once.