Excerpt from the Official Rule Book of Drum Majorettes of America:

Rule # 2:      Membership

Membership in Drum Majorettes of America is a privilege and only persons considered worthy of membership will be admitted.  Applications for membership in D.M.A. may be rejected for cause at the discretion of the Exective Director of D.M.A.  Membership is otherwise open to all regardless 
of race, color, creed, or national origin.

1.   Regular Full Membership is $20.00 per year.

2.   Post Membership -- $15.00 per year.  To qualify for Post rates, ten (10) persons must join at one time and a minimum of ten must maintain membership on a constant basis.  Post memberships are offered to benefit Teams and Corps.

3.   Family Membership  -- $20.00 for the first family member, $17.50 for the second family member, and $15.00 for each additional family member - per year.  To qualify for this rate, all must belong to the same immediate family and reside in the same household.  
To request membership with D.M.A., complete the application form below and forward both the form and a check made payable to D.M.A. to the following address:

Attn:  Membership Application
Drum Majorettes of America
Diane Sorvillo
2195 W. Tall Oaks Drive
Beverly Hills, FL 34465
Telephone:  352-527-6540


DATE: ____________________________________

NEW MEMBER:  (   )  RENEWAL:  (   )  MEMBERSHIP:  (   )  REGULAR:  (  )                       POST:  (  )  FAMILY:  (  )
NAME: ___________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________

CITY: ________________________________    STATE: ________________  

ZIP CODE: ____________

EMAIL ADDRESS: _________________________________________________

TELEPHONE: _____________________________________________________

DATE OF BIRTH: __________________     TEACHER: ____________________

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